When hope is the way

Facing constant struggles can be hard and not knowing the reasons for them, are harder still. Ian?s parents knew he was different right from when he was a three-week old child. It took them 9 years of bouncing from therapist to therapist and multiple misdiagnosis to finally learn than Ian had Asperger’s syndrome. After 9 years of not knowing, they finally knew what the underlying cause was; but the struggles continued. From constant meetings with the teachers to facing bullying at school. But progress has a way of catching up when one does not give up hope. Years of working with children with HIV has made the importance of hope ever more apparent to me. Sometimes bad days are more frequent than the good ones and sickness, seemingly truimphant. However,?there is something to be learned from each stumble and Ian?s story is no different. Please click here to read more..

Advitya Thapa

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