A Special Source for India

Special sources is a charitable trust set up in 2016, working towards making a database of resources currently available for people living with disabilities and special needs in Chennai and hopes to have a pan-india resource directory someday. We want to do the mind numbing work for the carers, so that they can focus on making the most of the care services available. We are putting down all the facts like contact details, products and services available, timings, directions and even the closest bus stop for the resources within the city.

Doctors, Hospitals and Schools that specialize in the care of individuals with special needs and disabilities are an important part of our resource pool, but it does not end there. We are talking about disability schemes from the government, disability friendly travel agents, restaurants, equine therapy, medical shops, equipment rental contacts, places to get customised shoes and clothing and a whole lot more that goes into making the lives of these people and their carers better.

There is a whole country out there (a very crowded one at that), and we have lots of people doing good things in this space, even if it’s just for one or two people at a time. We think the good work they do needs to reach the people who need it, and we at special sources want to help make these connections. #webelong

Advitya Thapa

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