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Autism – an evolutionary perspective

Penny Spikins, who is a Senior Lecturer in the Archaeology of Human Origins at the University of York,? has written in an extremely interesting article on the important role of our autistic ancestors in human evolution. The article mentions that autism and autism traits have long been a part of human history. Some of the… Continue Reading

The floating wheelchair

There is a new kind of wheelchair making a splash in Goa. The differently abled can use this floating wheelchair and spend time in the water without having to worry about their safety. The special wheelchairs are manufactured in France and North America and has been imported by UMOJA. Prakash Kamat?s article in The Hindu… Continue Reading

Travel company with a difference

Traversing public spaces can be an ordeal for people with special needs, this is particularly true in the Indian context. As a country, we still have a long way to go before we can call ourselves disability friendly. The prevailing conditions greatly curtail the quality of life of people living with special needs. Activities that… Continue Reading

Bridging the gap

The National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) Centre for Well Being has launched a four month ?well ? being volunteer programme? aimed at the general public. The purpose of this programme is to build a network of trained volunteers who can bridge the current gap in mental health services. The first successfully… Continue Reading

A step in the right direction

It is estimated that close to 60 million people in India suffer from some form of Mental Illness, but only a meagre 0.06% of the health budget is spent on dealing with them. The neglect of this area is appalling and the country is grossly understaffed to appropriately deal with these conditions. In this context,… Continue Reading

Improving financial assistance for people living with disabilities.

In an article written in The Indian Express on the 31st of July of 2016, Javed Abidi sheds light on some of the issues faced by disabled people in the realm of accessing financial assistance. The census of 2011 puts the number of people living with disabilities at 2.68 crores, which is 2.21 % of… Continue Reading

Children with special needs and adoption

India has made remarkable strides in the recent past, however, these positive developments are extremely unevenly distributed. While the Indian Space Research Organisation has just launched 104 satellites in a single launch, there are other areas where we appear to be stuck in another time. The adoption of special children is one such area. A… Continue Reading